The only thing destined to remain beyond the confines   of own physical life lived, is just what you will have un­der­stood, enriched by what you will have contributed to making others un­der­stand.
All the rest, no matter how large the mon­uments or the remains, are des­tined to disappear in a more or less long time, like traces of passages on the sand washed by the sea.
That's right what you will take with you, along to credits and debts con­tract­ed; but these re­cip­ro­cals, once solved, in turn are aimed at being sum­ma­rized in flashbacks, for our ever wider awareness.

his is the very pre­cious and priceless jewel, inasmuch as it involves the highest price to pay; which is not that of any death, but of the ex­pe­ri­ence of life itself.
No good else can get over the bar­ri­ers of time, not even your memories except as renewed states of consciousness, since across times your vibra­tional level is changing, so your re­liv­ing of past awa­re­nes­ses could never be the same.
So far away and so long… as the sake of a seventh domain.
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